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Elevate your brand. Rethink the status quo.
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Code BLK, founded in 2021, is a Marketing and Public Relations destination for businesses seeking to expand their brand impact and rethink the status quo. At Code BLK, diversity and inclusion is not a campaign, it’s embedded in our DNA. With 12 years of experience combined, Chynell and Quia saw a need for creativity, diversity and expertise to merge, forming a product that makes brands relatable and notable.

Whether you’re just getting started or an established company, our experience covers a wide range of clients!

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We will help you with design, development, promotion, optimization, and more while keeping diversity and inclusion top of mind.

My Skill
Creative Strategy 85%
My Skill
Public Relations 90%
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Production 92%
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Media Planning & Buying 83%
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Experiential Marketing 95%
Below are the most frequent questions that our clients have. We have tried to give short, but at the same time accurate answers to dispel your doubts.

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